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List of Published Results for Posts/Positions within MSDC

Circ No Title of Post/Position Department/Directorate Date Published
MSDC Circular No 9/2017 EIRA Inspector Department of Industrial and Employment Relations within MSDC 01/06/2017
MSDC 5/2017 Information and Data Protection Analyst Directorate Strategy and Support MSDC 31/05/2017
MSDC 16/2017 MSDC Circular 8/2017 Expression of Interest for the Position of Secretary to the Board at BICC Building Industry Consultative Council 23/05/2017
MSDC 4/2017 Position of Manager (Skills Card) at BICC within MSDC Building Industry Consultative Council 11/05/2017
MSDC 7/2017 Position of Assistant Director HR within MSDC Directorate Corporate Services 09/05/2017
PSD Circular No. 06/2017 Senior Operative Ministry for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties 27/04/2017
MSDC 6/2017 Terminations Officer of Industrial and Employment Relations (DIER) 21/04/2017
MSDC127/2016; Circular No 2/2017 Position of Manager Contracts Compliance. Revised Results Industrial and Employment Relations (DIER), MSDC 18/04/2017
MSDC 7/2017 Position of Project Manager Human Rights and Integration Directorate at MSDC 17/04/2017
MSDC 2/2017 Position of Manager (Contracts Compliance) in DIER DIER 17/03/2017